Cynthia de Courcey
Clinical Lecturer Specialty Registrar in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
MBChB BSc FRCS (Plast)

Cynthia is a senior plastic surgery trainee from the West Midlands, with an interest in paediatric plastic surgery. Having successfully completed the FRCS (Plast) examination, Cynthia took time out of clinical training to pursue a PhD at Swansea University, joining the ReconRegen research group and In Vitro Toxicology Group in 2020.

Cynthia’s research is focused on applying advanced in vitro toxicology to examine the biological effects of the Nanocellulose-based bio-ink for cartilage tissue engineering purposes. Her research aims to: 1) establish robust safety data specific to end-product application prior to in vivo testing, and 2) identify key tuneable properties of the bio-ink itself and the printed cartilage construct. Special focus will be given to understand the bio-ink’s impact on bioenergetics and oxidative stress. The goal is to achieve the best balance of biocompatibility and mechanical performance to ensure effective implant production and successful integration into the human body for use in facial reconstructive surgery.

A further ambition of Cynthia’s is to define the safety criteria and risk assessment protocols for a new class of Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMP), a 3D-bioprinted cartilage implant using patient’s own cells (autologous).

Cynthia also actively engages with teaching, and acts as an Associate Surgical Tutor at the Swansea University Medical School.

Selected Awards / Grants / Achievements

Jul 2016 Honours on Capstone Project: ‘Prediction of Speech Outcome in Cleft Palate’. Harvard Medical School United Kingdom Clinical Scholars Research Training Program (UKCSRT), London

May 2013 Clinical Audit Prize, Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead

Dec 2011 Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) & British Journal of Surgery (BJS) Training Bursary

May 2009 Poster of Distinction, Associations of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI) International Congress

Sep 2003 College of Medicine Vacation Bursary, University of Edinburgh


EMSB Instructor: Full instructor for Emergency Management of Severe Burns (EMSB) course, British Burns Association (active).

Associate Surgical Tutor: Swansea University (active).

HEE Leadership Course: Selected by TPD out of 23 NTNs for fully-funded HEEWM leadership and NHS quality improvement course in recognition of leadership potential (2019)

Faculty Member: Stoke FRCS Preparation Course, Core Skills in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Surgical Skills for Foundation Doctors (2018-2021).

Anatomy demonstrator: St George’s Medical School (2010-2011).

Publication List

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Participation as a member of the guideline development group acknowledged in published guideline.

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