Professor Iain S Whitaker

Chair in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Swansea University Medical School Director, The Reconstructive Surgery & Regenerative Medicine Research Centre, Institute of Life Sciences 1, Swansea University

MA Cantab MB BChir MRCS PhD FRCS Plast.



Honorary Consultant Plastic Surgeon, The Welsh Centre for Burns & Plastic Surgery

Surgical Specialty Lead, Health & Care Research Wales

AAPS/EURAPS Academic Scholar 2019-21, Mass. General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Specialist Advisory Committee Member, Plastic Surgery (Academic Lead)

Chief Investigator, Scar Free Foundation Programme of Research (3D BIOFACE, AFFECT & RESECT)


Cambridge University, Trinity Hall


2008-   Associate Editor, Annals of Plastic Surgery

2013- Chief Specialty Editor (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery), Frontiers in Surgery

2015-18 Deputy Editor, Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (JPRAS)

2015- Section Editor, Regenerative Medicine, BMC Medicine

2015- Editorial Board, Surgery Section, Scientific Reports

2016- Editorial Board, Bioprinting

2016- Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine


Publications 275

Hirsch Index 43

i10 Index 119


2005 Cook MedicalÆ Clinical Research Fellowship

Microsurgery, Akademiska Sjukhuset, Uppsala, Sweden

2005 Royal College of Surgeons & Physicians and Surgeons Research Fellowship

Composite Tissue Allotransplantation, Louisville University, Louisville, USA.

2007-8 Utrecht University Travelling Fellowship

Molecular & Cell Biology / Microbiology, University of Connecticut, USA.

2010-11 Rowan Nick’s UK and Ireland Fellowship, Royal Australasian College of


Reconstructive Microsurgery, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Melbourne

University (Taylor / Jack Brockhoff Research Institute), Melbourne, Australia

2011 EURAPS Young Plastic Surgeon Scholarship

Facial Reconstruction & Reconstructive Microsurgery

2018 Cutler / Royal College of Surgeons of England Travelling Fellowship

Ear & Facial Reconstruction

Clinic Bizet, Paris

Publication List

Tissue Engineering & 3D Printing

3D Bioprinting for Reconstructive Surgery. (Reference Text)

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Isolation and characterisation of nasoseptal cartilage stem/progenitor cells and their role in the chondrogenic niche.

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Health Informatics & Transformation of Surgical Service Delivery

The association of smoking and socioeconomic status on cutaneous melanoma: a population-based, data-linkage, case-control study.

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Making the Most of Big Data in Plastic Surgery: Improving Outcomes, Protecting Patients, Informing Service Providers.

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