Thomas Jovic
Welsh Clinical Academic Trainee in Plastic Surgery

Tom is a Welsh Clinical Academic Trainee (WCAT) in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery based in the Reconstructive Surgery & Regenerative Medicine Research Group and an Action Medical Research Clinical Research Fellow. His doctoral research in 3D bioprinting cartilage for facial reconstruction has been funded by research awards from Microtia UK, the Royal College of Surgeons England and the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

Tom graduated from Cambridge University in 2014 with degrees in Medicine and Physiology, Development & Neuroscience. He commenced clinical academic training as an Academic Foundation Doctor at Edinburgh University, where he completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education.

His scientific research interests are currently focussed on 3D bioprinting cartilage and the allied disciplines of tissue engineering and mechanobiology. Tom is actively engaged in research projects related to surgical education, epidemiology and clinical research, which has culminated in over 40 nationally and internationally accredited presentations and publications.


Speciality Trainee – Plastic Surgery, Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery, Morriston Hospital

Lecturer, Swansea University Medical School

Selected Awards / Grants / Achievements

Paton Masser Award – British Association of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons £5000 2019

Action Medical Research/VTCT Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellowship  £164,739  2019

3 Minute Thesis Competition Swansea Medical School   1st prize          2019

Stefan & Anna Galeski Teaching Fellowship RCS England         2019

Microtia UK Research Award £5000         2019

Royal College of Surgeons Research Fellowship £50,000        2017

Welsh Clinical Academic Training Fellowship (Ranked 1st in National Selection)       2017

Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)         2016

Cambridge University Longitudinal SSC Prize          2013

Restore Student Fellowship £500         2013

Christopher and Edward Hoare Travel Award £1500          2013

Publication List

The clinical need for 3D printed tissue in reconstructive surgery.

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Authorship in surgical articles.

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