Mr Thomas D. Dobbs
Clinical Lecturer in Plastic Surgery & Plastic and reconstructive surgery Registrar
MA (Oxon), BM BCh (Oxon), MRCS, PhD

Tom was awarded his PhD for a thesis on patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) for facial skin cancer in 2020. Tom has published over 60 papers, with his main research interests focusing on improving the care we offer to patients through the use of PROMs, big data and innovative technology solutions. Tom believes that through the integration of all of these aspects we will be able to deliver better, more personalised medical care at lower costs to the population. Through a prestigious scholarship from the University of Oxford he was able to visit the Patient Reported Outcomes, Values and Experience (PROVE) Centre at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, bringing back knowledge to the UK from this world leading group in the field of PROMs.


Clinical Lecturer, Swansea University Medical School

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Registrar, Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastics

Welsh Clinical Academic Training (WCAT) Fellow

QUALIFIED AT: University of Oxford, Queens College

Selected Awards / Grants / Achievements

Deeper insights into hand surgery outcomes: the feasibility of Ecological Momentary Computerised Adaptive Testing in thumb base arthritis.

British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) /Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand  (FESSH)


“The epidemiology, healthcare and societal burden and costs of Melanoma in Wales: Analyses of standalone and linked national databases”

Tenovus iGrant


The PROMISCR (Patient Reported Outcome Measures In Skin Cancer Reconstruction) Study’

Pathway to Portfolio Research grant, from ABM University Health Board


Jill and Herbert Hunt Travelling Fellowship, University of Oxford 

Margaret Witt Scholarship Fund for Clinical Excellence, Royal College of Surgeons of England

International Innovation Award, BAPRAS Winter Scientific Meeting

Distinction, Final Examinations BM BCh, University of Oxford

Publication List

Surgical activity in England and Wales during the COVID-19 pandemic: a nationwide observational cohort study

Dobbs TD, Gibson JAG, Fowler AJ, Abbott TE, Shahid T, Torabi F, Griffiths R, Lyons RA, Pearse RM, Whitaker IS

Br J Anaesth 2021 June 11;S0007-0912(21)00273-7. PMID: 34148732

Mortality after surgery with SARS-CoV-2 infection in England: a population-wide epidemiological study

Abbott TEF, Fowler AJ, Dobbs TD, Gibson JAG, Shahid T, Dias P, Akbari A, Whitaker IS, Pearse RM

Br J Anaesth 2021 Jun 11;S0007-0912(21)00312-33. PMID: 34148733

Resource requirements for restarting elective surgery in England during the COVID-19 pandemic: a modelling study

Fowler AJ, Dobbs TD, Wan T, Laloo R, Hui S, Nepogodiev D, Bhangu A, Whitaker IS, Pearse RM, Abbott TEF

Br J Surg 2021 Jan 27;108(1):97-103. PMID 33640927

The Patient Reported Outcome Measures In Skin Cancer Reconstruction (PROMISCR) study – anglicisation and initial validation of the FACE-Q Skin Cancer module in a UK cohort

Dobbs TD, Ottenhof M, Gibson JAG, Whitaker IS, Hutchings HA

J Plas Reconstr Aesthet Surg 2021 Mar;74(3):615-624. PMID 33127351

Anaphylactic Reaction Rates to Blue Dyes Used for Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping – Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Perenyei M, Barber ZE, Gibson JAG, Hemington-Gorse S, Dobbs TD

Ann Surg 2021 June 1;273(6):1087-1093. PMID 22055586

The Association of Smoking and Socioeconomic status on Cutaneous Melanoma: a population based, data linkage, case-control study.

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Part 1: Harnessing the PROMise of outcome measures

Dobbs TD, Rodrigues J, Hart A, Whitaker IS

J Plast Reconstr Surg 2019 Mar;72(3):363-365. PMID 30655241

Part 2: Can improvement in outcome measurement in plastic surgery be achieved in today’s health systems?

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J Plast Reconstr Surg 2019 Mar;72(3):366-368. PMID 30660465

Patient reported outcome measures for facial skin cancer: a systematic review and evaluation of the quality of their measurement properties

Dobbs TD, Samarendra H, Hughes S, Hutchings H, Whitaker IS

Br J Dermatol 2019 May;180(5):1018-1029. PMID 30362522

Patient reported outcome measures for soft tissue facial reconstruction: a systematic review and evaluation of the quality of their measurement properties

Dobbs TD, Gibson J, Hughes S, Thind A, Patel B, Hutchings H, Whitaker IS

Plast Reconstr Surg 2019 Jan;143(1):255-268. PMID 30334937

A United Kingdom based prospective cohort study to Anglicise and validate the FACE-Q Skin Cancer module in facial skin cancer patients undergoing surgical reconstruction – The PROMISCR (Patient Reported Outcome Measure In Skin Cancer Reconstruction) study

Dobbs TD, Hutchings H, Whitaker IS

BMJ Open 2017 Sep 24;7(9) e016182. PMID 28947443