Ms Zita M. Jessop
Senior Lecturer, Swansea University Medical School Plastic Surgery Registrar at the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery
MA (Cantab), MB BChir, MRCS, PhD

Zita has always been fascinated by the regenerative potential of stem cells and their application to engineering tissues for surgical reconstruction. Zita’s PhD with ReconRegen, funded by the Medical Research Council and RCS Research Fellowship, involved characterising a novel stem/progenitor population from human nasoseptal cartilage and developed a novel nanocellulose biomaterial for use as a bioink. Zita completed postdoctoral training at Harvard University during her RCS Fulbright Scholarship, and is now a Senior Lecturer at Swansea University. Zita has experience of setting up and running clinical trials, UKRI and commercial grant capture (>£1.2M) and enjoys mentoring and supervising PhD, MSc, junior trainees and medical students. Zita has a strong track record in producing original tissue engineering research (H-index 16, i10-index 18, >60 publications), has presented on the topic at the House of Lords, co-edited a reference textbook “3D Bioprinting for Reconstructive Surgery” and was awarded the RCS Hunterian Professorship in 2021 for her contribution to the field.

POSITIONS HELD: WCAT Clinical Lecturer, MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow, RCS Research Fellow

QUALIFIED AT: Cambridge University, Pembroke College

Selected Awards / Grants / Achievements

2021  Hunterian Professorship, Royal College of Surgeons

2019 Burnand Prize for Best Basic Science Presentation, Society of Academic and Research Surgery

2018 RCS Fulbright Scholarship, Harvard University

2017 RCS Cutler’s Surgical Prize for Innovation

2016 BAPRAS Pump Priming Fund for Consumables

2016 RCS Ethicon Travelling Fellowship

2016 BEST Senior Trainee Award, SBUHB

2015 Outstanding Contribution to Research Award, Swansea University Medical School

2015 Medical Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellowship

2015 Girls’ Day School Trust Emerging Talent in Technology Award

2014 Norman Capener Travelling Fellowship, Royal College of Surgeons

2014 Royal College of Surgeons Research Fellowship (Modi)

Publication List

Isolation and characterisation of nasoseptal cartilage stem/progenitor cells and their role in the chondrogenic niche.

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Morphological and biomechanical characterization of immature and mature nasoseptal cartilage.

Jessop ZM, Zhang Y, Simoes I, Al-Sabah A, Badiei N, Gazze SA, Francis L, Whitaker IS. Scientific Reports 2019;9(1):12464.

Printability of pulp derived crystal, fibril and blend nanocellulose-alginate bioinks for extrusion 3D bioprinting.

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Characterization of pulp derived nanocellulose hydrogels using AVAP® technology.

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